Dec 13, 2011

We Love You

For my dearest KIRA and KARA,
It's a big thing you both should remember. No matter what you are, no matter what you do and no matter what you want to be We always love you.

 With my own arms I teach you anything, and show you something new everyday. It's always amaze to see you grows and learned every single minute. It's a big gift to see your smile come into my live.
 With his big heart he grows you. With his gentle arms he guides you. And with his huge soul he gives you the best.
 In her age, she takes care of you with strong arm. She teach you to walk and run. No matter how many times you fell down, she never stop to guide you. Your present is her big thanks. She never sigh or complain for anything you did.
 In his limitation he teaches you about love. He thinks of you every single minute in his live. He never stop to pay you attention. Seeing you grows up is his big new spirit.

He gives you anything you need. He always miss you. No matter where he is, he always remember you. He is one of the angel in your life.

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